Assessment & guidance for children & adults with Specific Learning Difficulties in Victoria

If you have dyslexia or a specific learning difficulty, it can sometimes be hard to know where to turn for support and help.  Maybe you know someone (child or adult) who is struggling or looking for support and guidance with literacy.  There’s no need to feel as if there is nothing you can do, because help is at hand.  At the Dyslexia and SLD Association of Victoria, we have a long history of giving those with learning difficulties or dyslexia helpful strategies and understanding; over the long-term, if necessary.  This is a very important distinction about the services provided by the Dyslexia-SLD Association; that is, we do not just provide assessment, but also ongoing support and management when appropriate and required.

Association: We take a ‘big picture’ approach to addressing and managing SLDs (including dyslexia).  Rather than advocating a single treatment or remediation approach we emphasise the need for various approaches working tegether in combination/ association.  This approach also emphasises the need for overall management and modificiations.

Who are The Dyslexia and SLD Association of Victoria?

The Dyslexia & SLD Association of Victoria is an association of experts from the field of dyslexia research and from the field of education.  The association was founded by people with expertise and experience in research into dyslexia and in teaching children and adults with dyslexia.  This provides the basis for an integrated approach to dyslexia and SLDs.  We are here to provide advice, guidance, help and support for all those in our community and their families.  We provide on-going support through Primary, Secondary, Tertiary education and beyond.  The Dyslexia and SLD-Association of Victoria is based in Melbourne, Victoria.  Our aims:

  • To provide for the screening and assessment of dyslexia and other Specific
    Learning Difficulties
  • To provide high quality assessment and assessment reports
  • To provide for the ongoing support for children and adults with dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties
  • To address dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties from a big picture and
    long-term perspective, when necessary.
  • To simplify the management of dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties

We provide assessments as a foundation for ongoing management and support which is often needed by children or adults who have Specific Learning Difficulties; including dyslexia & dysgraphia testing, in the Ballarat and Melbourne areas.

Educational Assessment and Testing for Dyslexia and SLD – Quality Matters

School children and adults can have a range of difficulties in engaging with learning.  Detailed assessment of a child, or adult’s, cognitive abilities and educational achievement can assist in the formulation of strategies and modifications that can facilitate learning.

Get in Touch

For assessment bookings:

Email is the most efficient way to initiate an assessment booking.

We aim to provide you with a reply on the same business day

The reply email will include:

  • Booking and background information form
  • Information about the assessment (tests administered & time)
  • Dates available
  • Office locations and/ or availability of home-visits
  • Cost involved

Location: Eastbourne House, 62 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne

To discuss your assessment needs:

Telephone Psychologist : 0412 826 002 (Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm)


Landline:  9419 4009